How It Works

It’s about time…

… you aren’t locked into a subscription service:

Unlike most other meal kits, Chef Inside the Box is not a subscription service! It’s up to you to decide when you want to take advantage of our specialty meals each week.

… you get your own personal chef:

Chef Inside is our name, and we mean it! Our chefs craft the recipes inside the box with our customers first in mind. For the busy families, the single-parent households or the active couples who are looking for mouthwatering meals made to last, we cook for you. We handle the tough cook and prep techniques so that once you receive your box of meals, all that’s left is heating and assembling each dish. You get the full cooking experience, with help from recipe instruction cards, in as little as 8 minutes for certain menu items. All of that without ever needing to leave your house or office!

With a fresh-forward focus on ingredients, you select 4 meals from our offerings each week. If you’re extra crunched for time, you’ll want to check out our Express Meals. Otherwise, our standard meals will feel just as quick, taking you no longer than 25 minutes to serve.

… you get free delivery right to your door:

We already offer you the most affordable meal kits in Chicagoland, priced at $6.95 per serving, so we thought we should make delivery free, too. Your meals can serve at least 4 people, bringing the total of each meal to $27.80. They come portioned, packaged and delivered with care. Boxes are sealed and insulated to stay fresh until you’re home from work to get them! Plus, you submit your orders by Friday noon and receive your delivery each Monday, starting and ending your week with ensured ease.

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It’s about time you tried Chef Inside!

It’s our job to create more time for you and the things you love. What are you waiting for? Try it today!

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Delicious fully cooked meals delivered to save you time

Family-favorite recipes built and designed by our chefs using fresh-forward ingredients.

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